Caldas de Reis Fervenza de Caldas de Reis ROUTE

A few metres from Torre do Río.

Length of the route: 9 Kms.

Duration: Approx. 2 hours.

Difficulty: Baja

A few kilometres from Caldas de Reis, in the direction of A Estrada, is a beautiful spot where the majestic Umia river cascades into waterfalls and spectacular pools. The ruins of a light factory right next to the waterfall, as well as the numerous mills along this small stretch of the river, bear witness to the powerful waters of this river.

Rural House in Pontevedra with Swimming Pool

Sendeiro da Auga ROUTE

5 minutes drive from Torre do Rio.

Length of the route: 5,1 Kms.

Departure / Arrival point: Caldas de Reis / Caldas de Reis

Route: Caldas de Reis, Segade, Cuntis

Difficulty: Baja

It is located in Caldas de Reis and runs along paths and tracks parallel to the Umia River. Along the route we will have the opportunity to cross an old bridge and a bridge of Roman origin; enjoy the spectacle of the water breaking in vertical and vertiginous falls or walk along old millers' itineraries.

A beautiful trail for the delight of the senses.

Castrogudín-Fontefría ROUTE

10 minutes drive from Torre do Rio.

Length of the route: 4 Kms.

Starting point: Castrogudín

Arrival point: Fontefria.

Difficulty: Media.

Approximate duration: 45 minutes

The route, whose starting point is Vilagarcía, can be done along two different paths: the one that goes to Armada and Fontefría and where we soon come across the Castrogudín reservoir. The second option is the one that borders the reservoir and from which you can see Cotelo de Xan do Corno and its megalithic burial sites. Both are approximately 4 km long and of medium difficulty.

ROUTE of the Pedra e da Auga

15 minutes drive from Torre do Rio.

Length of the route: 8,38 Kms.

Altitude: from 5 metres to 275 metres

Degree of difficulty: Easy

This route runs through the municipalities of Ribadumia and Meis. It starts at the monastery of Armenteira and ends at the roundabout of Los Castaños, in Barrantes, following the course of the Armenteira river, offering breathtaking landscapes and some forty kilometres of WATER MILLS on the route that takes advantage of the natural course of the rivers that run through the interior of O Salnés.