As the name suggests, it is a route that crosses almost all of Portugal from south to north. From the 12th century to the present day, the pilgrimage routes left the neighbouring country from such important centres of population as Lisbon, Santarem, Coimbra, Porto, Braga... The main gateway to Galicia was and continues to be the ancient town of Tui.

It is in this border town where this interesting and historic route begins.

The tour starts at the international bridge over the river MinhoThe fortified citadel is also the border between the two nations. Then, through the narrow alleys of the fortified citadel, you reach the mighty Tui Cathedralalways ready to bless the pilgrim's passage.

The entire route runs through Galician territory and its profile is extremely diverse and surprising due to the countless corners it contains. A permanent succession of villages, bridges, rural chapels, crossroads, pazos, sanctuaries..., in an environment of mountain and sea, adorned by an unparalleled vegetation, makes this Way one of the most curious and beautiful. All this without forgetting the passage through the interesting towns of Pontesampaio, Pontevedra, Caldas de Reis, Padrón..., among others.

If we also point out that it is an itinerary that can be done in 5 or even 4 days, taking advantage of a long weekend or a long weekend, we give it an added attraction that may well encourage many lovers of the Roads to Santiago.

If you dare to do so, don't forget to book a night at Torre do Rio. You will enjoy a taxi service, courtesy of the hotelto pick you up and return you to the road from the centre of Caldas de Reis.

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